Opus is an invitational artist collective exclusively for art fairs.

Our next art fair is Art San Diego, October 18-21, BOOTH #316 (NOW SOLD OUT)


We're an invitational collective of independent artists, managed by an art gallery, who gather funds to rent large prestigious booths at art fairs.

Artists rent wall space in the Opus booth, the booth is staffed by gallery professionals full time, and there are no gallery commissions to pay.

Artist rental fees include: booth design, art shipping, curating, hanging, gallery staffing, fees, taxes, insurance and licenses. 

Did you know more art is sold at art fairs now than in galleries? 

As an independent artist, you can now show at fairs in large, prestigious booths that is managed by an art gallery.

We're an award winning art fair exhibitor, and our large booths create trust and credibility with buyers. 

The benefits of Opus Artist Collective:

•Artists pay no commissions

•highly curated artist collective keeps quality standards high

•managed by an art gallery

•All insurances and permits covered

•Staffed full time by experienced gallery personnel to sell your work

•No exclusive gallery contracts: all contacts and future sales belong to the artist

•Larger, prestigious booths that create critical trust for buyers

•Award winning art fair exhibitor

•We are pre-approved to show our artists (no need to be juried by fair management)

•Prime, VIP area booths in the fair

•Professionally hung, designed and curated booths that add credibility

•Exposure to thousands of people: collectors, publishers, designers, artists and gallery owners

•Establish crucial exhibition and sales histories

•Potential tax deduction/write off


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