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What is the process? Do I have to be invited to join?

Yes, you need to be invited to join the collective. This is to maintain a high caliber of artists in the collective, which benefits everyone. This is not a vanity gallery, it is invitational and you must apply and be invited to take part. To apply, just send us an email expressing your interest and a link to your website. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Send your email with a link to your website here: Jen@OpusArt.Work

Once you are selected into the collective, you do not need to re-apply.

how much does it cost to participate if i get invited?

Each fair varies for us, so it varies for the artists.  Our rental rates start around $1000 and go up from there. We take no commission on sales.

Artists are paying for the services of transport from our gallery to the fair and back for unsold work, curating, managing, purchasing the booth, designing the booth, hanging/install, labeling/signage, credit card processing, all fees, licenses and insurance and staffing the booth with gallery professionals.

How many pieces can i put on my wall?

It's very important that the booth does not appear cluttered by too many pieces.  A well designed and curated booth conveys professionalism and trust to collectors. The fair management also does not allow a cluttered, overfilled booth. Therefore, we limit each artist to 2 pieces maximum. Please keep in mind we must approve the size of the pieces you are submitting in order to maintain aesthetic integrity of the booth for everyone.

Will I sell work at the fair?

Just like a gallery exhibition, there are no guarantees of sales. Some shows sell out, others not at all. It is impossible to predict and measure, even based on past fairs because there are so many variables. But, depending on your price point per piece, you could zero out your rental fee by selling one or two pieces. We encourage artists to view the art fair opportunity as a guaranteed way to promote themselves and their work to thousands of people as professional artists, and that sales are an added bonus, not the goal.

What does Opus do for my rental fee?

Review artists and submissions, invite artists into the collective, manage the collective, rent out the booth to artists, reserve the booth, design the booth, curate the booth, help you decide on which pieces to show, hang the booth, create all of the artist informational signs, create labels for each work shown, staff the booth with gallery professionals full time during the fair, ship the work from our California gallery to the fair and back again to the gallery, handle any sales at the fair (all credit cards accepted), pay for all fees, licenses and insurance, and pay you all of your sales profits within 14 days of fair closure. 

Do I need to be at the fair?

Only if you want to be! The booth will be professionally staffed by gallery personnel who are experienced in art and art sales. All of our sales people work in our gallery, are trained in art sales and gallery operations and most have degrees in fine art. But visitors love to meet the artists, and it is a prime opportunity to expand your network, meet other artists, gallery owners and collectors, talk about your work, and have fun! But it is not required.

Will you promote me if you're not making a commission on sales?

Yes! Our incentive is to keep you coming back to fairs with us, again and again. The more you sell, the happier you are, and the more likely you will want to be part of the collective in the future. The more we sell as a collective, the more Opus looks good to the fair management, and in return we can get better located booths at future fairs. Your success is our success.

How much commission do you take on sales?


What should I do to prepare?

Have your website updated because you may have lots of new visitors during and after the fair. It should be easy to navigate and simple, and showcase your work and experience clearly. Being able to purchase work directly on your website is beneficial. 100 business cards printed and ready to go with your work to the fair. Have your work packed up (wooden crates are not necessary) and ready to ship to the gallery so we can ship it to the fair.

do i have to apply to get in?

Yes. Each artist needs to be accepted into the collective. We are looking for high quality work that compliments the other work that is to be shown in the booth for that fair. This process and curation benefits everyone in the collective.

will this lead to gallery representation?

By renting wall space, we do not guarantee gallery representation with Jen Tough Gallery or any other gallery. However, it can be a good step towards representation because you are building an exhibition, promotion, and potential sales history, which galleries review and consider when deciding to sign someone. 

how quickly do i need to sign up?

When we release spaces, they go quickly. Sign up for our mailing list (below) to learn about upcoming fairs or future exhibition opportunities.

what if i change my mind? are there refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds because we pay for the booth months in advance, and we are not granted refunds from the fair. Please make sure you are certain about rental prior to purchase. We've never had anyone ask for a refund, and overall artists have had a really positive experience.

what information about me is on my wall?

We will have a clear business card holder for your business cards, and a professionally designed 5" x 7" card with your name and basic information on it. Once you purchase your wall space, we will contact you with further details.

Do you pick which work of mine goes in the fair?

Yes, we choose 1-2 pieces based on works you provide to us. We do this to maintain the highest quality in the booth, and to better curate the booth.

Is shipping included in the fee?

We professionally ship your work from the gallery in the Bay Area, California to the fair, and then from the fair back to the gallery. You are responsible for getting your work to the gallery before the fair, and then return shipping for any unsold work from the gallery to your studio after the fair.

Is my work insured?

Yes, but only while it is in our custody. You are insured for 50% of the retail price that you set on your work (the wholesale price). Insurance for shipping to and from your studio to our gallery is your responsibility (and choice), and we encourage insuring your shipment to our gallery. We cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss due to your shipper (ie, Fedex, UPS, etc) if you did not insure the work to get to us, nor are we responsible for processing claims with your shipper for damage or loss.  

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